About the BKKS


As a national body it is extremely important that the British Koi Keepers Society provides support for the local Koi Clubs. We consider these Clubs are a vital part of the hobby and it should be our role to provide a central infrastructure to assist them wherever possible.

One of the biggest issues we needed to address was the relationship between the Society and affiliated Clubs, known as Sections. It was very clear that we needed to find a simpler way both to finance and manage the relationship to ensure we could provide the support needed both for existing Sections and also to encourage the independent Clubs which aren’t currently a part of the BKKS.

What is a Section?

Historically Sections were formed when a group of BKKS members formed a Koi Club, and it was a requirement that to be a member of the local Section, you were also required to be a BKKS member. Over the years this requirement has been modified to the point whereby a Section is only required to  have 1 BKKS member.

What does the BKKS already offer Sections?

It is worth noting the many things the BKKS provide are already setup and available to the  Sections.

  • The Society website provides contact details for Sections, and current on-going developments of our new website are also taking into consideration how we can further assist the Sections in terms of communication and self-promotion.
  • The BKKS National Koi Show also provides the opportunity for Sections to promote themselves, both by attending and having free stand space, and through free advertising in the show programme.
  • We provide funding to support the training of BKKS Judges and Health Standards Officers, who are then available for Section shows and talks.

National Committee Meeting – January 2019

Twice a year the BKKS holds National Committee Meetings (NCM) where representatives from each Section have the opportunity to attend and discuss things as a group, along with the BKKS Committee.

What is required to be a Section from 2019?

We had already identified that the only logical way forward was to set a simple annual affiliation fee for Sections, which would reflect what was actually provided and the cost incurred, and this had already been agreed at the Annual General Meeting. Therefore the main purpose of the meeting was to agree the actual cost and the benefits, which would be provided in return. It was important to us that this took place in consultation with the Sections, rather than being dictated by the Society.

  • Sections will pay an annual fee of £200, which includes insurance cover. or a reduced fee of £150 for early payment ( i.e. by the end of February)
  • There will no longer be a requirement for the Section to have “x” number of BKKS members, and instead only one Section Officer must be a member of the BKKS.
  • Each Section will be able to send one representative to the National Committee Meetings – this person has to be a BKKS member – but can be the Officer indicated above.
  • Sections will be entitled to hire non-electrical equipment at a small charge plus travel costs for the Equipment Officer.
  • Sections holding shows will no longer be charged a £5 per vat fee, and instead will now simply be required to pay the expenses of the JSC and HSC.

New Section benefits

As you will see below we are also actively looking at new initiatives to help Sections, and see this as an on-going process:

Reduced BKKS fees for Section members

As part of our support to BKKS Sections, we offer Section members a discounted BKKS membership fee of £2.   With every subscription fee there is a cost to the Society in processing the payment and also postage of the membership pack. Where Sections are willing to undertake some of this administration and collect the payments to be sent once a year, and receive the membership packs to distribute to members, this would allow us to reduce our costs and pass these savings on to the Section members. We have therefore agreed that Sections will be able to offer a reduced BKKS membership fee of £15 per year.

Combined koi show

One problem Sections have identified is the difficulty in holding events such as their own shows. This is for a variety of reasons such as lack of manpower, ever increasing costs, and more recently licensing difficulties. Many Sections simply want to have a competition between their club members and we have therefore suggested that we could look into holding individual shows as a part of the BKKS National Koi Show.

Does your Koi Club want to become a Section?

To do this, we would ask you to apply via email to secretary@bkks.co.uk

If you wish your application to be considered at the next National Committee Meeting, then it needs to arrive no later than Tuesday the 2nd of January 2019. We would then require a representative of your Club to attend the NCM on Sunday 20th January, where they will be asked to tell us a little bit about the Club and why you want to be a Section. The Section representatives at the meeting will then vote on your Club becoming a Section, with a majority deciding the outcome.

Not long enough to consult with your members?

We appreciate that this timescale doesn’t leave long for you to consult with your Club members, so applications can also be sent at any time, and we will ensure they are processed as soon as possible.

We sincerely hope that you can see from this, that the current BKKS Committee are working hard to move the Society forwards, and we hope that you and your members will choose to join us in this journey towards a bright and exciting future.

Best wishes,

BKKS Committee