AGM, NCM and Committee meeting minutes V2

This page contains all the minutes from the AGM, NCM and Committee meeting’s in 2017
in chronological order

Also included are the draft minutes of the NCM and Committee meetings held on January 7th 2018.
The full minutes will be published when agreed.

Minutes CM 201701
Minutes NCM 201701
Minutes CM 201702
Minutes CM 201703
Minutes CM 201704 (pre AGM)
Minutes AGM 2017
Minutes CM 201704
Minutes CM 201705
Minutes CM 201706
Minutes CM 201707
Minutes CM 201708
Minutes CM 201710
Minutes CM 201711
7th January 2018 Committee Meeting Agenda and Previous Minutes
Minutes CM 201801 (preliminary)
NCM 7th January 2018 Meeting Agenda
Minutes NCM 201801(preliminary)