Chairman’s Blog – April 2022 Part 2 (Historical BKKS Magazines)

Arriving at our Koi Club Meeting this afternoon a close friend and past member of the BKKS Committee handed me these:

If you know me, you will know I am big on the history of Nishikigoi in the U.K.  Some people keep every programme from a football match and I am much the same with koi memorabilia.

Some of you might be thinking, why?  It is out of date, old and irrelevant, isn’t it?

I would agree with that to a point, e.g. the big steps forward with filtration (Bio Rotators/Drums) or the media (K1 Micro/Hel-X 13) most now use – technology marches on.

I mentioned in the previous blog some of my thoughts on bottom drains and gravity fed systems, flicking open the 2004 Show Programme this jumped out:

In my view and what might come as a surprise, is the omission of only thing from that list of Do’s

Item 9 ‘Do use a trickle in/out principle and correct water purification, test source water and understand it.’

Large regular water changes, whilst not totally outdated, are surpassed by this approach.

An 18 year old magazine that is still relevant, who’d have thought it!!



If there is anything that you also feel influences Nishikigoi and their understanding, get in touch via