Health Standards Committee HSC

The principal role of the HSC is to provide Health and Welfare support for all BKKS Koi Shows and also to help and provide a Consultancy/Advice service for all BKKS members as well as supporting the hobby of Koi keeping in the UK.
The HSC are currently in the process of creating a new training program for the recruitment of any BKKS member who is interested in training to become a member of the HSC.
Our new training program will be both theoretical and practical giving an understanding of Koi health, anatomy and physiology.  It will also include an in-depth understanding of water chemistry and its relevance and importance to Koi keepers and to the water quality at Koi Shows.  
Dr Paula Reynolds has agreed to review our training program once it is complete to ensure it covers all the necessary areas required for a Health and Welfare Officer.
We are at this stage looking for expressions of interest from any BKKS members, particularly in the Midlands, or the North of England, who would be interested in training to become a member of the HSC.
Please contact us at