Important Message from the BKKS Committee 27th March 2018

Important Message from the BKKS Committee

At the EGM Last September we all agreed that the BKKS needed to move forward and bring itself up to date and to try and offer more benefits to its members if it was going to survive.

Part of the move forward saw four new members join the main committee last September to help in that regard.

To date we have developed a New web site for both the BKKS and the BKKS National Show.  Both web sites are kept up to date and we are developing  the member’s area on the main site.  The Show web site also featured online booking for show vats at this year’s National which proved to be very successful.

The first BKKS online magazine has been circulated to members and the initial feedback has been very positive, and further issues are under development. A further Newsletter/ magazine is schedule very soon for the beginning of April 2018.    A Committee member also represented the BKKS at a recent meeting with OATA and DEFRA in respect of Pet Licensing in the UK.

But the Main Committee wants to be sure that it is a new start for the BKKS and ensure it has the backing of as many of the members as possible.

So, the Main Committee has decided at the end of business at the AGM on Sunday 29th April, the whole Committee will stand down.   All Committee positions will then be up for election.  If any of the existing Committee would like to continue then they can put themselves up for re-election along with any new additional Nominees.   To keep the continuity of only electing one main Committee post each year.  The length of office will be determined by the current Club rules.  Details will be provided at the end of this message.

So, at the beginning of April we will be asking for Nominations for all positions.   Anyone willing to stand will need to provide a photo and a short synopsis of what they hope to do and achieve while they are on the Committee.

Please email      to apply with your nomination synopsis to stand for the BKKS Committee.

Mid-April a voting form with all nominees listed will go out to members, and an online voting form will also be available.   There will be three options for each candidate which will be ‘for, against and abstain’.   You will need to have your membership number to be able to vote.   All voting returns will be counted prior to the AGM.   When we get to the election of officers at the AGM, nominations for each post will be put forward and attendees will be asked to vote.   These votes will then be added to the list of collated votes received prior to the AGM.  The winning Nominee will then be elected to the said post.

This way we hope to get as full a participation of the membership as possible, which will give the new Committee for 2018/19 a strong mandate to move forward.

All committee posts and terms of Office:-

Chairman                                          2 years

Treasurer                                          3 years

General Secretary                      1 year

Editor/ Webmaster                    2 years

Membership Secretary            2 years

Public Relations Officer          2 years

Events Officer                                2 years

Minutes Secretary                      2 years

Committee members                2 years      (can be more than one)