Section Information

What is a Section?

Historically Sections were formed when a group of BKKS members formed a Koi Club, and it was a requirement that to be a member of the local Section, you were also required to be a BKKS member. Over the years this requirement has been modified whereby a Section is only required to have 1 BKKS member.

What does the BKKS offer Sections?

It is worth noting the many things the BKKS provide are already setup and available to the Sections.

  • The Society website provides contact details for Sections, and current on-going developments of our new website are also taking into consideration how we can further assist the Sections in terms of communication and self-promotion
  • The BKKS National Koi Show also provides the opportunity for Sections to promote themselves, both by attending and having free stand space, and through free advertising in the show programme
  • We provide funding to support the training of BKKS Judges, who are then available for Section koi shows and talks

What is required to be a Section?

We have setup a simple annual affiliation fee for Sections, this was agreed with all Sections in 2018.  It was important to us that this took place in consultation with the Sections, rather than being dictated by the Society.

  • Sections will pay an annual fee of £200, which includes insurance cover. or a reduced fee of £150 for early payment ( i.e. by the end of February)
  • There will no longer be a requirement for the Section to have “x” number of BKKS members, and instead only one Section Officer should be a member of the BKKS
  • Each Section will be able to send one representative to the National Committee Meetings
  • Sections will be entitled to hire non-electrical equipment at a small charge
  • To assist Sections who hold shows we have gone back to the charge per vat system for Judges, currently only £6 per vat.  This is to help Sections budget for their Show, and for the vast majority of sections this will be a reduction in cost

Does your Koi Club want to become a Section?

If you would like your Club to become a Section of the BKKS then all you need to do is apply via email to giving as much information as possible about your Club and its activities.



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