The benefits of being an individual BKKS Member

As a member of the BKKS you will have access to the Members Area on our web site.   Here you will find our Quarterly on line magazine, the summer issue has recently been published.

As a BKKS member you can get access to the Koi Organisation International courses on all aspects of koi keeping at a reduced rate.  All $25 (£20) courses qualify for a 50% group discount subject only to candidates enrolling in groups of six or more.  Email the General Secretary who will organise the groups.   Full details are not only in the member’s area of the website, but they are also repeated in every issue of our online magazine.

We are currently working on creating a health and advice section, which will be underwritten by one of the leading koi experts in the UK.  As a start, you will find a list of vets around the country who are known to have experience in dealing with Koi problems.

There is also a specific Facebook page for just BKKS members where you can ask questions or post your experiences of our hobby.

As the National Body we also represent the hobby of koi keeping in the UK.   All this for just £17 per year or £1.42 per month, not even the price of a Sunday newspaper.   If you are a member of a BKKS section then you can join through your Club for just £15.00 per year.

The benefits of a Club being a BKKS Section

As a BKKS section, you have the support of the Insurance policy the BKKS holds for all your events in case of any accidents.  This is not only for a Koi Show but also for any event which the Section may hold such as club visits, members evening etc.   You also have access to the Judges and Standards Committee.   We are also looking at other ways we can help the Sections and for 2020 we are planning to offer two one day training courses, one on Benching koi for a Show and the other on water quality testing at a Koi Show.   These will be repeated if there is sufficient demand.   Details will be announced in the New Year.

Bob Jacobs, BKKS Chairman.


As a National body, the British Koi-Keepers Society provides support for the local Koi Clubs. We consider these Clubs are a vital part of the hobby and it should be our role to provide a central infrastructure to assist them wherever possible.

Become a BKKS Member

If you are not currently a member of the BKKS, we actively encourage you to join and become part of the future developments. The current Full UK BKKS annual membership subscription is just £17.00 and information on how to join can be found on our Subscriptions page. .

We sincerely hope that you can see from our website that the BKKS Committee are working hard to move the Society forwards. We hope that you and your members will choose to join us in this journey towards a bright and exciting future.

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The BKKS has a group on Facebook where BKKS members can talk to each other and discuss ideas and anything related to the society. If you would like to join in the discussion, the group can be found by clicking this Facebook logo.

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