Chairman’s Message – May 2022

Adapt; make something suitable for a new use or purpose, modify.

Our founding Chairman Mr E A Allen wrote ‘a small group of enthusiasts formed the BKKS in 1970, with a view to disseminating as much knowledge as possible between the members.’

Mr Allen’s comments are still surprisingly relevant, clearly the hobby has changed dramatically in the intervening years however it would appear that this knowledge has been lost or simply mixed up along the way.

For clues you only need to look at the array of outdated or incorrect information circulating on Social Media, the somewhat recent monetization trend of the hobby via YouTube, or what would appear hobbyist’s or self-proclaimed experts’ inappropriate and at times indescrimate use of treatments.

Our new Committee is full of genuine will and boundless enthusiasm to continue Mr Allen’s aims, adapting them to suit our hobby in the modern age.  I hope over the coming months to be able to share some of the Committee’s thinking with you,

In the meantime I will be regularly updating Chairman’s Blog

I would also like to thank you for your continued support of the BKKS.

Rob Whittell.

BKKS Mission

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