July 2018 BKKS Committee News

Hi my name is Bob Jacobs and, as most of you will know, I was elected Chairman of the BKKS at the 2018 AGM.

The new Committee has now had a couple of meetings and our future plans for development are moving slowly forward.

To try and keep members informed and encourage new members, as Chairman, I plan to provide a monthly update of where we are and what we are doing.

But first, I would like to express our support and appreciation to this year’s Show Committee, which was led by Ian Jenkins, on providing us with an excellent BKKS Koi Show this June.   I am sure most of you know, how much time and effort goes into planning a Koi Show as big as the BKKS National Koi Show.   Without the support of our sponsors, dealers and hobbyists it would not happen.   We all need each other’s support for an event of this size to be a success.

So, a very big thank you to this year’s Show Committee; to all the sponsors and dealers who help make the event what it is, probably the best outdoor Koi Show in the UK, and to all those hobbyists who were willing to bring their koi for everyone to see, we had a great selection of koi and varieties at this year’s Show.

All we have to do now is, to start thinking about next year’s Show and the first order of business will be to get a new Show Committee together.   So any BKKS members out there who fancy getting involved in planning next year’s Show now is the time to step forward and put yourself up for selection.

Remember without you and your support it will not happen.

If you have recently joined the BKKS, or are an existing member, we would encourage you to join the BKKS member’s discussion group on Facebook.   Because of the new GDPR rules we cannot enrol you automatically when you join the BKKS you need to actually do it yourself.   It is our hope to get as many members as possible to join this group, so that we can use it more effectively for communication on the BKKS’s future developments.

Our third online BKKS magazine should, hopefully, be sent out by mid-August, which will have all the latest membership news along with a full Show report.

I recently had a long conversation with Luke Cummins, who is the National Account Sales Manager of Aquadistri UK Limited.  We chatted about many things including the National Show and the Koi hobby in the UK.   Luke said that Aquadistri was keen to support koi hobbyists in the UK and to that effect he has offered a monthly prize for a single BKKS member, who is selected at random.   I thanked him very much for this support and on behalf of the BKKS I, obviously, accepted his kind offer.

Starting this month, our membership Secretary will select a member at random and his address details will be sent onto Luke for his prize to be posted on.   What it will be I do not know, all I can say is what Luke said ‘it may be something small or something not so small it all depends on what we have available’.

The name of the lucky winner for July will be posted on the members section of the web site and also on the Members Facebook group.

Well, that’s all for this month.

Bob Jacobs

Chairman BKKS


As a National body, the British Koi-Keepers Society provides support for the local Koi Clubs. We consider these Clubs are a vital part of the hobby and it should be our role to provide a central infrastructure to assist them wherever possible.

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We sincerely hope that you can see from our website that the BKKS Committee are working hard to move the Society forwards. We hope that you and your members will choose to join us in this journey towards a bright and exciting future.

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