September 2018 BKKS Committee News


We are URGENTLY looking for a new Show Committee to begin organising the 2019 BKKS National Koi Show.   It is very important that we get willing members to take on the following roles as soon as possible, otherwise the 2019 Show could be in doubt.  The vacant roles are listed below:-

Show Chairman             

Vice Chairman/Show Programme co-ordinator

Show Treasurer

Dealer Liaison

Benching Admin

Awards co-ordinator

Water test Team Leader                                     Post now filled

Dinner dance Liaison                                         Post now filled

Public Relations Officer

JSC Representative

HSC Representative                                          Post now filled

Exhibitor Representative                                  Post now filled

General Committee member

Please contact me at if you are interested in being on the Show Committee as soon as possible.

The Monthly Aquadistri/BKKS Raffle

Our third prize winner has been randomly selected and will be announced via the BKKS members Facebook group.    For this month only we have an additional prize winner, so that’s two members who will be receiving their prizes direct from Aquadistri UK


It has been brought to our attention that emails, which appear to have come from the BKKS General Secretary, ( are being received by some BKKS members and non-members.  There isn’t a defined format to these emails other than the subject line, which often refers to an invoice, or a payment that is late and invites the recipient to click a link to find out more details.

We do not send emails relating to payments so these are spoof emails.

Do not open them or you risk downloading malicious software into your machine.

So, be careful, and this goes for any emails you do not recognize, do not open them and delete immediately.


Finally I hope all our members enjoyed our recent edition of our online magazine.   Our Editor is always looking for content, so I would encourage any Sections to supply any articles, or information about what they are up to such as forth coming events to our Editor for inclusion in the next issue of our magazine.

Well, that’s all for this month.

Bob Jacobs

Chairman BKKS


As a National body, the British Koi-Keepers Society provides support for the local Koi Clubs. We consider these Clubs are a vital part of the hobby and it should be our role to provide a central infrastructure to assist them wherever possible.

Become a BKKS Member

If you are not currently a member of the BKKS, we actively encourage you to join and become part of the future developments. The current Full UK BKKS annual membership subscription is just £17.00 and information on how to join can be found on our Subscriptions page. .

We sincerely hope that you can see from our website that the BKKS Committee are working hard to move the Society forwards. We hope that you and your members will choose to join us in this journey towards a bright and exciting future.

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