The Committee has taken the decision to cancel the scheduled National Committee meeting on Sunday 19th January.   There are a number of reasons for this.   First, at this point in time 10th January, only two BKKS representatives had indicated they would be attending the meeting.   We need to have a good attendance if we are to progress the Societies business and get feedback from all the section representatives.
Then there is the cost implications of holding a meeting, which include the hire of the venue and substantial traveling costs.
All sections are reminded that we created the Committee position of Section Liaison Officer specifically to improve the communication between the BKKS and its sections.   Any Section, can at any time, raise any request, opinions or questions by contacting Larry Lambert our Section Liaison Officer, who will raise it at the next available main Committee meeting.   This we think is a much better way of communicating between the BKKS and its Sections, as it can be done at any time throughout the year, rather than the current system of two NCM meetings per year.
Sections can get an immediate response, no travelling or venue costs are involved and it is far more efficient.   To this end the Committee has decided to make this the standard method by which Sections can communicate their views and concerns with the BKKS and future NCM meetings will no longer be scheduled.
With today’s technology, there is no need to wait, questions and concerns can be addressed immediately, the use of the Members discussion Facebook group is proof of that.
BKKS Committee.


To all BKKS members from the Membership Secretary.

Will all members please ensure that their email is set to receive emails from the BKKS.   Over the last 6 months I have spent the equivalent of at least 30 days at my computer sending membership reminders with very little response.  I have sent up to 6 emails before I get a reply and often I get no reply.   As we use email as a primary contact it is important that we have your correct email address and that you make sure your email is set to receive them as we use mailchimp to send out reminders as well as individual emails from the membership email address.

Would all members just send an email to with your name and membership number, I will then send you an email with all your contact details which we hold on file for you to confirm.  That way any future emails from us should show up in your in box and not be logged as spam.

Thank you,

Bob Jacobs, Membership Secretary.

As a National body, the British Koi-Keepers Society provides support for the local Koi Clubs. We consider these Clubs are a vital part of the hobby and it should be our role to provide a central infrastructure to assist them wherever possible.

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If you are not currently a member of the BKKS, we actively encourage you to join and become part of the future developments. The current Full UK BKKS annual membership subscription is just £17.00 and information on how to join can be found on our Subscriptions page. .

We sincerely hope that you can see from our website that the BKKS Committee are working hard to move the Society forwards. We hope that you and your members will choose to join us in this journey towards a bright and exciting future.

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